It Feels Like Friday

As planned, we wrapped up the session last night and everything is sounding real good. Not sure yet when we’ll have some songs to preview but you can bet to hear it first right here! Or there. Or somewhere. It has been a real group effort, with Adam serving as the Fourth MaM. There have been two, three, and four-part harmonies and weird great ideas that turned out really cool. These songs were probably the most undeveloped that we’ve gone into a studio with, so they were pretty open to change and tinkering. I’m really happy with what we have so far.

I guess it’s Thursday. Expect nothing but pictures in this space for the next week or so. We’re taking the Prius out on the road this weekend, up to Michigan, so that should be exciting. Yes, we finally filled up the tank. Now we’re gonna see if we can do some Al Gore, Jr. on the open road.


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