XLI Post-Post-Game Halftime Show

Oh, and one last thing I forgot about: I finally got around to watching Prince’s halftime show at the Super Bowl — I taped the damn game, just like I taped the last one (XX), hoping to preserve a great victory (XX was actually kind of boring and I only re-watched it maybe twice since 1986, fast-forwarding through a lot of it). Anyway, Prince. We couldn’t really hear it at the bar and I had no idea what songs he was doing besides “Purple Rain.”

By the way, I saw Prince, way back around 1986, maybe even earlier, it was in high school, I know that. Rosemont Horizon (now corporately named). Purple Rain tour. Way back in the back back rows. Sheila E. opening. Prince shooting “liquid” out of his guitar onto the crowd. Pretty awesome, from what I remember.

So I watched the tape, got past the opening kickoff, the 14-6 lead, shaking my head, how could they blow this? Then halftime. Prince in the rain, playing guitar and looking exactly the same as he did twenty years ago. I thought it was great. The “All Along The Watchtower” was totally unexpected and he made another lame Foo Fighters song sound listenable. Loved it. Best part of the whole night. Should’ve thrown in a little “Darling Nikki,” but that’s alright. Nice job, Mr. Prince.

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