Wrong-Thinking From the Left Coast

A long time ago I somehow stumbled upon this site, called Right-Thinking From the Left Coast, and for a week or so it entertained me. It was filled with complete nut-jobs, right-wing wackos who tried so very hard to be macho men (I’m talking about the comments as much as the host). Back in those days, Bush was The Man and could do no wrong. There was such certainty, as there is at many right-wing sites (even still, at a few remaining sites), that they were “Right” and everyone else was “Wrong,” and liberals (the reasoned ones) were dismissed as wimpy idealistic hippies. You know the types–the ones that said going into Iraq was a “bad idea.”

I long since forgot about the site, but came across it again in a trackback from Andrew Sullivan’s site (where I have trackbacked from myself lately). Imagine my surprise to read what’s happened over there with that gang of testosterone-filled nuts. The posting was about Supreme Court Judge Scalia and his citing of fictional character “Jack Bauer” from 24 as justification for actual policy, which is frightening in itself. But then, RTFTWC agreed that Scalia was “nauseating” in his comments, which struck me as odd. It sounded reasonable; it made sense; why would he agree? I looked around and saw the comments on another post and found this fascinating rebuke from the site host, “Lee,” to his dwindling and angry gang of Bush Apologists:

Look, I know how difficult it is you admit you’re wrong. Look at this blog. Look at how it’s changed from day one. This entire blog is basically five years of me admitting how wrong I was about Bush. All I’m asking you to do is look at the evidence, leave out the lame-ass liberal media conspiracy cop-out, and tell me how you think a bunch of junior enlisted grunts are to blame for all this.

Hilarious shit. Look, I think it’s great that most of the wack-jobs have come around and understand now that they were completely and totally wrong about their big man Bush, but you know, too little, too late. As far as I’m concerned, Lee’s conversion is good for a laugh but nothing he says should take away from the fact that people like him helped create the world we live in today. The ones who talked so tough and dismissed everyone else can all fuck off now, because they got what they wanted, and guess what? It’s a pile of shit.

Is it possible that someone can be a liberal AND be correct about what a corrupt shitbag our president is?

Yes, Lee, it is, and we’ve been saying it for years. Nice to have you on board, but no thanks. You obviously were stupid enough to fall for it once, why shouldn’t it happen again?


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