Why Bush Is A Loser

In the Washington Post, David Corn responds to Mr. Kristol’s fantastical column of the other day, in which he only skims the surface of everything that the Kristol Ball has gotten wrong. But that’s still a lot. I have to dispute Corn’s aside that Bill is a “likeable fellow,” but other than that it’s spot on. Read for yourself here “Why Bush Is A Loser.”


Dammit! I need to state for the record that the use of the phrase “Kristol Ball” has originated here at The Booze Cabinet, and specifically in song, by Milk at Midnight, who have been performing said song for at least two or three months, if not more. Of course it is an obvious reference, but I certainly had not seen it before. Today, it is here, at The Washington Monthly. You will find the song on an upcoming release from MaM, and for further record, I will post the lyrics in the next day or so. Other than that, Kevin Drum at WM says almost exactly what I said here. So we agree.


I looked it up and there’s actually a whole lot of references to “Kristol Ball.” One of them even dated back to 1994! Nonetheless, The Booze Cabinet remains steadfast in its determination to claim the phrase–to invade and occupy it, if you will–and maybe even break it, buy it, and then return it when I am done using it.


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