What a weekend. A great show at Quenchers Saturday night, and a long long night into a long long Sunday. Falling back never felt so right! Watched football without disappointment (well, I wanted Indy to beat NE) and then two movies, A Mighty Heart and No End in Sight. Both were infuriating in their own way, and pretty good. I was already there, but watching No End in Sight just solidifies my desire to have Mr. Rumsfeld brought up on war crime charges. What a friggin jackass. But not just him. Bremer, Cheney, and of course, Mr. Bush. What a bumbling gang of fools. But deadly, to everyone and everything they touch. The Danny Pearl movie is pretty tough to watch too, as we all know how it ends. And now the situation in Pakistan is deteriorating and all of this remains relevant and ongoing. This is our history happening right now, in front of us.


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