Wahs and Guitahs at Prize Beagle

I zipped home on the bike and then drove over to Judd’s to pick up his acoustic and a wah pedal that we were borrowing. I drove down to the studio and let Rick start in with the wah as I took the guitar outside in the alley and tuned it down. I could hear screams and wails as Rick threw down some noises on a song that we have had around since the first days Eric joined the band, called “Crushing the Bouquet.”

This song has been mocking me from the start. Musically it is a fine tune, kind of a slower, sludgy song that Adam has taken to calling “Prom ’07” for its slow-dancing teenage-angsty depths, but lyrically, and vocally, it has always been ever-so-elusive. I’ve never been able to find whatever it is that the song needs to take it up a notch, into the lofty reaches where the rest of MaM’s catalog resides. You know, the songs we actually play.

So the song has stayed on the outskirts, like a lonely girl waiting to be asked to dance, always sitting alone picking her fingernails. Maybe her and I just don’t click. Maybe I’m intimidated by her inner beauty. Or maybe she’s just not my type. Whatever, for some reason this song has never gone away because it seems that whenever we are stuck, or uninspired, we end up playing this song and magically, another song appears from its wake. And then, as always, “Crushing the Bouquet” goes back and sits down to wait in the corner while I cavort with the newest girl, and invariably we get drunk and go home together.

Too much? OK, point is, we decided to record the song this time around. Rick put down the wahs, and it sounds good. Now all it needs is a strong vocal. I have some ideas I’ve been flirting with, so we’ll see if her time has finally come. But if it doesn’t work out, well, it’s not you, it’s me. I have commitment issues, and, really, you deserve better.

So I brought the acoustic in and we put down tracks on “Argument to End the World,” “The Leaning Tower of Astigmatism,” “Lost Highway,” and “Less Love, More Acid.” On that last song Eric started humming a guitar part, which Adam then interpreted, and then they tried to teach me to play right there on the spot. It’s not that it was a difficult part, but there’s something about throwing that at me in the middle of the session that just didn’t work out. We stopped and I put down the original part that I intended to do in the first place. The other part will come later.

We ended around midnight and packed up our shit to bring back to the space. A show at Quenchers next Friday, so we need to practice, it’s been a long time since we’ve played properly. It was after 1am by the time I returned the guitar and wah to Judd and I went home to bed. Now it is Friday, and I feel like the weekend is ending. Ah, screw it, I feel fine. Perhaps a cold beer is in order?

Next up: Back to the Prize Beagle on Monday for some possible MaM-jo recording. Yes, the guest star of MaM’s hit tune “Never Liked It Here Much Anyway,” Scott Judd, has been summoned for another stab at the banjo on a new tune. Stay tuned to find out how this all goes down!


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