Viva V For Vendetta

Things around here are slightly different, I’ve moved to a new word press thingee which frees me from the world of Dreamweaver and allows those nasty comments again, so feel free to use fake names and write missives to me or spam me with porn. It’s 2am and I’ve just watched V For Vendetta, so my head is filled with revolutionary chaos. I paused for a moment to watch Gnarls Barkley on Letterman and then found myself catching a snippet of the great Charlie Rose interviewing/moderating Richard Holbrooke and Bill Kristol. Lots of thoughts on all of this, but for right now all I have to say is, why are Bill Kristol and his fish-like lips still allowed on television? That man is famous for being wrong about everything and should be sent to the front lines immediately.


Holbrooke vs. Kristol in Washington Monthly. This is what I was talking about!


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