Tuesday Night at Prize Beagle

I got out of work at 5 and rode my bike around in circles trying to find a cheap place to eat some dinner. I settled on Whole Foods, mostly because I’ve never really ate or shopped there, and I thought I could find some “wholesome” food. This brings me to an earlier point that I forgot to make: I’m getting fat. I told the Chicagoist interviewer I was 140 pounds, but of late the scales have been tipping more towards the 145, 146, 147 mark. This is ridiculous because I have been riding my bike every day for at least three weeks now and I am back in tip-top condition. Where is this fat that haunts me? Or is it, more likely, just the extensive muscle build-up that has caused this major poundage uptick? Yep, that must be it.

It couldn’t be the beer belly, no?

So we were all talking about our weight on Saturday and it started to get pretty gay. Adam chastised us for our talk and I decided that the working title for the album would be What Is You…Gay? Anyway, I went to Whole Foods and walked around to the deli/food counter and tried my best to avoid looking at all of the incredibly beautiful, perfectly-shaped women that seem to inhabit this store. I bought a two-taco dinner with rice and beans–not exactly the healthy meal I was looking for–and decided to head outside and find a place to eat. I rode back toward the studio and saw an idyllic little picnic area to the right of the alleyway that leads to the Prize Beagle, so I pulled up and sat down to eat (pictures to come). It was real nice, this pretty little garden of green right in the middle of State Street at Huron, although the people looked at me funny when they walked out of the building there, like I was trespassing or homeless or something.

Since I work down the block from the studio I had plenty of time to kill waiting for everyone else to get there, so I decided to try and work on the lyrics to “Less Love, More Acid” as I sat there at the picnic table. (By the way, the proper way to write that title is to have the “heart” symbol instead of the actual word “love.”) Maybe as this progresses I will excerpt some lyrics, but for now let’s just say that the first lines to this song begin

less sunshine, more raincoats
more chemicals and disco balls

There is a decidedly darker tone to the songs we’re doing this time around, although I don’t think the music necessarily reflects a sense of “doom,” so to speak. I have avoided injecting politics into most of our music but I think it will be different this time around. “Kristol Ball” is obviously political in content:

siren song / always wrong / Irving’s son / hear me roar

and “Argument to End the World” may or may not be about an actual argument to end the world; it may also just be an argument between Rick and I.

I finished the first draft of lyrics to “Less Love, More Acid” (and polished them up Wednesday night) and headed into the studio. We got going around 6 or 7 and laid down another 2 or 3 tracks, focusing on the songs on which Rick plays bass instead of guitar. We were having tremendous good fortune using a click track for these songs, which I know can be tough, as I recently tried to play drums with some rock opera songs I was working on and it was frustrating as hell. Of course, it may also be that I am not able to play like Keith Moon, the way I kept hearing it in my head. It may be that I am a guitar player and not a drummer.

Anyway, Eric was earning the name “One-take Anderson” for most of the two sessions and then we finally hit a snag attempting to record a cover song and called it quits for the night. There are times where I think we’ll just have to throw the click away and play it loose, like we normally do. But so far the recordings have gone pretty smooth, with, I think, 5 or 6 songs in the can (drums and bass) and a few new arrangements and ideas that have made sense.

With a show coming up this weekend (The Switchyard Festival), MaM is looking to get back to Prize Beagle next Tuesday to continue the recording.

Next up: Summertime heroes Milk at Midnight hit the outdoor stage for some afternoon sun and fun!


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