Things I Thought Then


This should underline, once again, why Barack Obama is the best man for the job, and why his intelligent approach is what we desperately need right now.


Obama’s time is now and it is happening. I am excited for what’s to come.


It feels like something big is happening. It finally feels real. It feels good. I am genuinely excited about Barack Obama and the possibilities that come with his candidacy.


This doesn’t come around very often, I suspect. In fact, I’ve never seen anything or anyone like it in politics. It would be a great mistake, I think, if this man is not elected to be the next President of the United States.


One year from Sunday George W. Bush will no longer be in power. What a fantastic thing to realize. Now if we can do a better job of replacing him, fellow citizens, that would really top it all off. You won’t let me down this time, will you?


What’s happening here is extraordinary, and way beyond race or gender, even beyond party lines. I’ll say it again: it would be a huge mistake–for the country–if we do not get this man in the White House.


Obama will be fine; the white folks who were scared of black people before all of this are still going to be scared in November, and the rest of us will keep evolving the way humans do.


Obama is going to win states that never dreamed in blue before.


McCain is going to get pummeled, eventually. November 4, to be exact.



That was a brief recap from the archives of how I felt, as it was happening, and how it still feels right now. Tomorrow is going to be a great day.


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