There is No Danger

I forgot, when I posted those earlier lyrics (Girl at the End of the World and Heckuva Job) that I had a third song to complete the trilogy. These were written in the wake of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and then last year’s Hurricane Katrina; only one has been recorded (by Milk at Midnight), but it is Your Latest Greatest Mistake:

On the bright side you can’t look away
You are discomfort and mistakes
You yawn, we cower in your wake
The star of forward motion

You are the sun that warms the day
You are the stars we cannot save
You are the casualties we rate
You are embittered ocean

Some triumphs, some mistakes
Some tender moments
Falling out of grace
Is this what you wanted?
Are you even out there?!?

On the bright side you can’t turn away
You are the thunder and the rain
You are the wonder and dismay
The star of forward motion


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