The Year, So Far

A slow start to 2007 and I blame it on the post-hanging hangover. For days after I had a spring in my step and a song in my heart — and who wouldn’t? — after the swift rope of justice fell down and took Mr. Hussein with it. Nothing screams “democracy!” like the sight of a sixty-nine-year-old man swinging from his neck. Annnnd…that should do it then! Peace at last! I’m pretty sure the president will be giving a speech on Wednesday night to announce that the war is over. We won!!

Meanwhile the Democrats are hard at work, doing what they do, gay-marriaging the shit out of things and making abortion even easier! We should be getting our pre-rolled marijuana cigarette cartons in the mail any day now, and then we can sit back and watch the terrorists move in. Oh, and religion? It’s now illegal!

It’s gonna be a real good year.


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