The Torture President

I think it’s great that President Obama is open to prosecution of the Bush torture officials, but I would be amazed if it actually happens. I’m all for it, as long-time Booze Cabineteers would no doubt know, but the possibility of Dick Cheney actually going to jail seems to me to be a pipe dream. Any of them going to jail is a long shot. In fact, it’s not going to happen. But it is nice to dream.

I agree that charging CIA agents and interrogators who took part in waterboarding and other harsh interrogation tactics would be wrong, and Obama has said that he doesn’t support that. Start at the top. Cheney, down to Bush and so on. The men who gave the orders. Rumsfeld, that sonofabitch. It’s all quite appalling, what happened under our noses.

Bush sure does seem even more hapless in rearview than he did front and center. But he should, at the very least, be slapped around a little bit, according to official torture methods.


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