The Softest Bullet Ever Shot

Where are the armed militias when you need them? That’s what I was thinking about earlier as I pondered the overthrow of our government. Where are the second amendment flame-throwers now, when it truly is time to take back what’s ours? I know, they’re not the bravest folks around, they prefer to set the timer and then run away before they kill innocents in Oklahoma City, but come on, there is a serious cause to take up arms. Quit being such cowards, for once!

But it’s not going to happen. The ones who truly want a change and are looking for a fight are unarmed and powerless, and the ones who like being told what to do are scared and hiding in the hills (or gated communities) with their guns under their beds. No wonder our leaders hold such smug looks on their faces; they have nothing to fear.

So it is only our votes that qualify as bullets capable of removing failures and incompetents, and even then many will opt to bite it and stay home. It’s all so unsatisfying.

What’s the point? I don’t know. I just got this odd email:

Dear Sir,
My son, Spencer, who is now in his early 40’s and a Father of two – was a great admirer of once Chicago Cubs baseball player Carmen Fanzone. I noticed Mr. Fanzone posts upon your web site. Is there any way for me to obtain Mr. Fanzone’s email address and send it to my son, Spencer, so that Spencer can say, hi! I just know that each saying hi to the other, would be a great and sweet gesture. If you can help – that would be terrific.
Lee Aronfeld
Grand Cayman Island

What the hell is going on around here?!?


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