The Punk With The Stutter

Oh, Roger Daltrey. You didn’t need to say anything; you already won me over when I was 15. But all this is nice too:

“Let’s just hope to God he wins,” he said. “Let’s be honest, with the standing in the rest of the world of America today, with what George Bush has done to your country, it is inconceivable to me that Americans would vote in another Republican. It would be kind of really, really weird if they win again. You just sometimes wonder, what if, just what if (John) McCain did win. The signals that would send to the rest of the world!”

It is inconceivable, and it isn’t going to happen. But I understand his concern. The track record speaks for itself these past 8 years.

And of course, this wasn’t necessary either, but it is great to hear Roger speaking of vinyl so lovingly:

“It wasn’t just music that people used to buy, it was a total art form. … I think that’s what people like. They like it personal. They like vinyl because if you scratch vinyl, it’ll be scratched, but it’ll be your scratch. It will only be on your record.”

We’ve been working on the artwork for our record for some time now. It’s not just like putting out a cd with a tiny cover and all that! I think it’s gonna look great, and I can’t wait. I also cannot wait to see all of this Who stuff that is happening this week. The word on the street is that Pearl Jam stole the show with a couple of Quadrophenia songs, but we’ll see. I saw an AP report that said The Who played songs such as “Teenage Wasteland.” Ummmm, it’s called “Baba O’Riley,” OK? Sheesh! Come on!


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