The Last Word

When you read Glenn Greenwald’s assessment of the Tillman/Lynch frauds, you can’t help but wonder if anything that has been said by this White House and regurgitated by the eager media has been true. It is truly unbelievable. I watched Charlie Rose interview Bush last night and the man was vapid, he had absolutely nothing to say. I mean, he seems like a guy who — well, I just don’t understand how he got to his position. OK, I know how he got there, but I don’t understand how anyone around thinks he should be there. Compared to anyone that Charlie interviews, whether a politician or an actor or a journalist, Bush seems like a very dim bulb in comparison. He just doesn’t say anything.

I had to flip over and watch Bill Maher talk to Jay Leno, which was a helluva lot more interesting and funny. Maher is right on. And then Amy Winehouse was on, who I am quite intrigued by. Uh huh, very nice.

And then you watch Jon Stewart take on John McCain on The Daily Show and wonder how it is that the best journalist we have (besides Charlie) is a comedian on Comedy Central. Stewart tackles that entire “support the troops” bullshit that props up the Apologists and leaves McCain looking like a fool. There’s a reason: he is one. There are so many things wrong with what he says in this interview, it is an embarrassment to the man who would have been a slightly better president than George W. Bush (not saying much, I know).

This is all there is left to say:

The war was wrong to engage.

The war was terribly mishandled.

The war cannot be won militarily.

The war should end today.


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