The Bush Doctrine? Never Heard of It!

Are you tired of hearing the collective right-wing defend Sarah Palin’s blanking on the Bush Doctrine question? Me too. Everyone knows she had no idea what he was talking about–her look was priceless–and everyone knows exactly what he (Gibson) was talking about in referring to the BD: preemptive war.

Really? That’s what he meant? I had no idea. See, I’ve been sucking helium out of balloons for eight years while peeing on myself.

George Will today went on ABC News’ Sunday Show and defended Sarah Palin by claiming that even he, Will, didn’t know what this bizarre, confusing thing called “the Bush doctrine” is — that’s the same George Will who, in 2003, wrote an Op-Ed entitled “The Bush Doctrine at Risk” in which he understood the term perfectly well and defined it exactly how Gibson did.

Glenn Greenwald,

There’s stupid and then there’s faux stupid. This is just fuckin’ stupid.


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