The Blue Line Sucks

I used to ride/wait for the worst bus in the world to get to the Blue Line (the infamous “50”). Now I simply walk to the Blue Line train and ride what has become The Worst CTA Line Ever. I was on this train last Tuesday, stuck at Damen for half an hour, just like the guy in this article:

On Tuesday, for example, defective rail equipment made contact with the third car of a southbound Blue Line train approaching the Chicago Station at the height of the morning rush period.

The incident stopped all O’Hare branch Blue Line trains inbound to the Loop for 33 minutes, the CTA said.

Many riders have lost patience.

“I’d like to hear today’s excuse for poor service,” Andrew Pekala said of Tuesday’s delays. “Last week it was the snow and cold weather. Today it was almost 35 degrees yet there I sat, stuck on a Blue Line train at Damen for a half-hour because of `equipment issues.’ I am tired of the same old excuses.”

One reason to vote against Daley tomorrow. There are more, here. But, as the title of the article says, he’s going to win anyway.


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