The 2nd Amendment Protects Us All!

There are people who truly believe that if everyone was packing heat, shit like this wouldn’t happen. Or, that our vigilante force of Second Amendment troops would be able to take out a shooter in the midst of such an attack and therefore minimalize the carnage.

Has this ever happened? Ever? Where are all the Second Amendment proponents when we need them most, to shoot down a loner with a grudge? I’ll tell you where they are: hiding in their fortified gated communities peering out the window with crazed paranoid eyes, shaking like the cowards they are.

One thing is for certain, there is no problem obtaining the necessary weapons to kill large amounts of people, and you can thank the efforts of the gun lobby and their Republican puppets to keep guns available and loaded. Because one day we will need to be armed and ready to ward off an insurgent militia or a rogue government or martians from outer space. Let’s hope the pussies with guns have the courage to come out and protect us unarmed liberals.


You’d think this is parody, but no… The Badge of Bravery goes to NRO’s John Derbyshire, who wonders why no one jumped the gunman, as he would have in such a situation. Are these people real? Apparently so.

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