That Meatball Sandwich

A story I forgot about from Lollapalooza:

I said goodbye to my friends after NIN and left on Sunday night alone, and as I walked out I passed a booth with some girls and some meatball sandwiches. What was this about? Lollapalooza was over, yet there were still some sandwiches left, so they decided to give them away. I had no idea how hungry I was, but I took a sandwich and put a couple of crunched up dollar bills into the tip jar (a burly Italian man started yelling at some frat-types who took sandwiches without tipping–“tip the girls!”).

I walked on toward the L eating this meatball sandwich, and it was the most delicious sandwich ever. It had two giant meatballs on it that filled up the whole bun and plenty of sauce. I’m not a guy who ever eats meatball sandwiches, but man, was this great. Thanks, girls and burly Italian guy, for the free meatball sandwich. What an end to Lollapalooza it was for me.


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