Support Our White Troops*

Glenn Greenwald today, in relation to the latest right-wing fake outrage (detailed here):

Right-wing troop-exploiters always reserve their most hateful, vicious and deeply personal attacks for soldiers and veterans who deviate from their political church–Jack Murtha, John Kerry, Wes Clark, Max Cleland, Scott Beauchamp. Similarly, the minute Pat Tillman’s political views became known, the use they had for him vanished (and nobody has less interest in finding out what happened to Pat Tillman than they do). As Digby points out, they “support the troops” only to the extent that the troops are useful props for their political agenda.

But, as Mark Steyn points out in The Corner, “‘Supporting the troops’ is the left’s slogan.” Ha! Funny stuff. Are these people for real? Mr. Steyn needs to check with Michelle Malkin on that one, amongst others.

As for Tillman, the story keeps changing, and it looks more and more like he was murdered, than killed by “friendly fire.” Which would make the Bush administration’s cover-up look even worse, in light of the way he was posthumously immortalized (including the nationally televised memorial service). If they knew what had happened–and you know they did–and yet kept up the deception in order to promote the war? Awful, yet not so hard to believe, not anymore. Goddamn, these people are criminals.

* You must listen to David Cross’ It’s Not Funny to understand the joke!

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