Summertime Heroes

A real busy schedule lately, with Switchyard and recording and work and play, so this one will be short. Switchyard was cool, although we got the shitty weather day, and the first day kinks were being ironed out all day (a late start, slow stage set-up, etc.). That wasn’t bad for us, we got to push back our set time to an hour later but we had to cut a song or two. The crowd was nice for us and afterwards we mingled and laughed and drank excessive amounts of 312 beer, which I never want to drink again. As a proud Chicagoan, let me just say, I can’t stand Goose Island. Sure, it was free, so I drank it, but man, I’d rather have Old Style in a can all day than drink that fancy shit. (That doesn’t mean I don’t love me some Stella or Grolsch or Beck’s, mind you; I can get snobby just like the rest. But please, these yuppie microbrewery beers are so shit-tastically awful.)

One other thing about Switchyard: the set-closers, Suffrajett, rocked. I was glad I stayed and caught them.

Last night we went back to Prize Beagle and laid down another 3 songs. The song that had the working title of “Augustine” has been renamed and now goes by the much-simpler “Days of Chastity and Continence (not in rioting and drunkeness).” I will explain this at a later date. We did that one, and then put down “The Leaning Tower of Astigmatism” and “Lost Hi-Way.” I believe we have a couple more to record, but we are going to move into the next phase of over-dubbing, as the $in heads out of town for a bit. We’re playing it loose and easy, not rushing or forcing anything, so this could take a while. But I think it has gone pretty smoothly so far.

Next up: Summertime heroes Milk at Midnight take it easy for the rest of the week!


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