Straight Talk, Crooked Mouths

When I referenced John McCain’s “Shit Talk Express” the other day I also referred to Rudy Guiliani and his alleged “straight-talk” appeal that will allow him to be the GOP candidate, despite his personal issues and social liberalism (three divorces, pro-choice, pro-gay rights, etc.). Rich Lowry of the National Review sums that position up in the way that only a right-wingin’ nut can:

For the moment, Rudy’s weaknesses and failings may be playing into the strategic strength of his candidacy. The weakness on social issues plays into the idea that he says what he means and means what he says, and the personal failings are perhaps (incredibly enough) playing to the idea that he’s mean as hell at a time when Washington could use someone like that at the top. So the things that should be dragging him down may be boosting him more as the straight-talking, tough SOB—for you.

See? His negatives are actually positives! Expect this kind of apologizing to run rampant for the next year and a half as the Republican party pushes “straight-talker” Guiliani as their man. All that moralizing that they do so well will be shoved under the rug (along with the Religious Right) in favor of keeping the party in power. Bank on it.

Of course, they could do worse; they could get Newt Gingrich into the race.


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