Stormy Thursday

So I had to leave early yesterday to get to the Empty Bottle and I had planned on 3:30, but then the storm warnings started coming in and I checked the radar (which I do a lot these days before I get on the bike to go home because it now rains All The Time) and it didn’t look good. I slipped out a little after three and was racing down Milwaukee, the winds whipping and the skies darkening in front of me; it was like I was riding into the darkest depths of Mordor (as Rick said). What could I do, I had to keep pedaling, so I cross Ashland and all of the sudden it just drops, razor blade hail and swirling sheets of rain, pure madness!

I ducked into a storefront and watched as dogs and old ladies flew past me, Dorothy and the Tin Man too. I was soaked and the rain was still coming in sideways at me, it was crazy. After about twenty minutes or so I decided to just get out there and go, the rain had let up a little but it was still coming down. I was wearing glasses so I couldn’t really see anything and I just kind of slogged through it.

When I got to Logan Square I started seeing the trees everywhere, one was lying on the L tracks near Sacramento and another blocked the path that I usually take. Power lines were down and people were standing around looking dumbfounded. I got to my block and that’s when I saw the tree in the picture below. I’ll have more pix later, but the sidewalk actually was uprooted along with that tree, it was unbelievable. On the other side of where I live another tree had fallen, and cars smashed underneath both of them, but luckily our little tree (which had suffered through the tragic van burning a year ago) was relatively unscathed. The basement? Fine. I can only imagine how the old Legion of Doom basement is doing after all of this; the Hoyne Street singers are no doubt drowning. More rain is expected today. God hates us all.


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