Semi-Live Blogging Wino

I can’t believe I’m not watching the Cubs in the playoffs instead of this debate. Looks like the Phillies and the Devil Rays right now. Great, another team that’s been around since the late 90’s going to the World Series.

Hey! John McCain is angry! I, on the other hand, am drinking red wine. Gallo Sonoma Reserve Merlot, whatever that means. Whoa! I’ve been watching the debate, and I can’t bring myself to type. A little fire! Nice. Obama explains Ayers. McCain finally got the memo to speak like a right-wing blog. Meanwhile, the two cats clean themselves next to me on the couch. It’s very possible that by the end of the week there will be another creature here to join the cats, namely, a tiny bouncing little baby girl. All hell is going to break loose. It could happen tonight for all we know.

But anyway, back to the debate. Actually, can you believe Tampa Bay has been a franchise since 1998 and has finished last every year but one? And now… The Cubs…I…oh, to hell with it.

McCain keep sniffing real loud, or breathing heavy. What’s the problem, white man? Get him an oxygen mask. Now I’m bored again. Get back to the arguing! Where’s Joe the Plumber? Obama keeps smiling at the goofy shit McCain says. Wait! Joe the Plumber is back! This guy is going to be a national hero after tonight. I just checked Drudge and it looks like McCain has won! 74% to 24% Wow. The debate is half over and the people have spoken!

Alright, here we go with abortion. Fun issue. McCain just said he wouldn’t have a litmus test for appointing judges, but that someone who believes Roe v. Wade is good law would not be someone he would consider. Sounds suspiciously like…a litmus test! McCain’s got a real sneer tonight. He’s all worked up. What’s with this guy? Oh yeah, he’s losing, big.

America’s youth are our future! I like that. I’m one of them! No, not really, but hey, whatever. I’m youthful. Young at heart. Young Americans. David Bowie. What? It’s over already? Final statements, here they come. McCain is stuttering his way through his. “Stewards” has been used twice so far. Alright, now Obama. Weird final handshake between the two, with McCain repeating “good job, good job, good job!”

On PBS David Brooks comes right out and says nope, not good enough. Stephanopolous is talking about McCain’s worst moment, bringing up Ayers. Flip to 5 and I got nothing, just blabber. CBS  has a woman who is uncommitted, still. Come on! Alright, who cares, I’m done here for now. Wait, NBC has 6 noodleheads who still don’t know who they’re voting for. They all raised their hands when asked if Palin would cause people to vote against McCain, but they still couldn’t say they were voting for Obama. Idiots.

Romney says nothing, now Hillary Clinton speaks to Brian Williams. Her heart isn’t into it. Maybe she’s destined to be on the Supreme Court. George Will blabs on ABC and you know what? I’m done. I’ve made my decision!


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