Prize Beagle Activity Update

Lots of Beagle activity to report, starting with two sessions last week followed by two more this week. We dove into our second batch of tunes, laying down two previously recorded songs (“The Greatest of the World” and “Why Don’t You Go?”), one new, as-yet-untitled song, and a cover song to be named later. I also recorded some songs on my four-track with an acoustic guitar in hopes that we could use one of them eventually, to add variety. More on that later.

There weren’t any issues of note in recording these songs, as we knew them pretty well (besides the one new song) and so I would be better served making up stories about “temper tantrums and fisticuffs” (rejected album title!). But alas, there was none of that. The most exciting moment came on the way home Wednesday night, when we were stopped at a light on Chicago and standing right there was the one and the only Ronnie Woo-Woo, complete in his jersey and everything. I yelled out at him and beeped the horn in celebration; the Cubs had pulled another one out that night and held on to their slim lead in the Central.

Last night, however, was the night that we brought together a revised and smaller choir to recreate the “Oh Oh Oh’s” on “Why Don’t You Go? (Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!).” We weren’t unhappy with our original choir, The Hoyne Street Singers at The Legion of Doom, and would in fact like to say thanks once more for your efforts on that fabled day at the old house, but we decided to re-record the song anyway. It’s too good a song to leave off of our record, and we needed to have some consistency in sound and style with the rest of the songs.

After a post-work dinner and drink(s) at Brehon Pub with my Beyonce, we assembled the choir at Prize Beagle, consisting of ten people or so–The State Street Singers!–and went to work (pictures to come). It helped that almost everyone knew the song already, unlike last time, and so in two easy takes we got what we needed. It sounded awesome! I can’t wait for people to hear it.

After that we kicked out the SSSingers and got back to work, mostly recording my guitar tracks on the new song and the cover. Ah, that beautiful old Vox! Very nice. We also mixed down a track for our appearance on WLUW in October. We will be on the Radio One program Thursday October 4, playing and being interviewed, and so we wanted to bring in a fresh track that no one has heard yet. More details on that as it gets closer.

I spent Tuesday night with MaMjo player Scott Judd’s acoustic guitar, a beautiful and amazing little machine that is already on many of the recordings. I sat down with the four-track and laid down what turned out to be eight songs that I’ve had kicking around and are decidedly non-rock tracks. My intention is to take one of these and have Rick and Eric add whatever to it, some creepy guitar or percussion, maybe some piano, or whatever, and put it on the album. Whether that happens or not is yet to be determined, but I think that I will have to put these songs up somewhere, or record a proper quiet solo record or something, just to get these babies out there.

All this, and there is still the rock opera to consider. Abandoned but not forgotten, the opera haunts me and needs to be done before that crusty old Evel Knievel kicks the bucket. A fictional and highly embellished version of his life, the opera has at least 15 songs swirling around and waiting to be perfected. But first, we must finish this proper album.

Up next:

MaM nears completion! But there are still some vocal tracks and other details to finish in the coming week or two. Or three.


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