President Obama…at 3am

No, I’m not talking about that terribly unfunny SNL skit from last night (I caught a video of it today and the normally funny Fred Armisen does a very poor Obama). I’m talking about another historic alignment with the Tribune and myself, editorially:

It’s impossible to know in advance how anyone will react when forced to make momentous decisions under urgent time pressures with incomplete information. That response is a product of assorted traits — intelligence, judgment, coolness of mind, personal resolve, self-confidence and others.

Intelligence, judgment, and temperament were the words I chose to endorse Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate the other day, and it’s nice to see the Trib get wise for once and agree with me. They should do it more, it’ll make for better reading.

The Trib also builds on the “experience is bullshit” theme in that same editorial:

Clinton’s 3 a.m. phone call spot was meant to convey that putting her rival in the Oval Office would be a huge leap of faith. That’s true of Obama. But it’s also true of her and McCain — and every new president.

People are gonna need to get over this. We’re not going to elect someone this year who has been president before. Not gonna happen. And look how it turned out the last time when we (not me) elected someone with previous experience: W. Bush!

By the way, I watched “Rendition” over the weekend. If you ever want to feel even more embarrassed by what that fool has done, watch it and remember: “We do not torture.”


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