Pompeii am Gotterdammerung

I walked into the bar at halftime after getting out of class and taking the train back toward home. Everyone had glum faces and the mood was sour. 20-0? Come on! That’s nothing! Everyone was like “you haven’t seen it, they look terrible.” Alright, but there’s still two quarters left. After they got a field goal the Cardinals came right back and got one of their own, so it was 23-3. One of our friends got up to leave and I said “you’re gonna miss one of the greatest comebacks ever!” He said to call him and wake him up if that happens.

We moved up to sit right at the bar so we could see the tv better and it all unfolded perfectly, just as I thought. I was waiting for it to happen the whole time, and then it did, I had never felt such certainty. Someone got up to go to the bathroom as the Cardinals punted and we yelled and screamed the whole time he was in there as they ran it back for the TD. 24-23! Then we all watched as Arizona gets to within field goal range and we’re down to the end, this is it, and I’m saying the whole time “he’s gonna miss it, you know he’s freaked, he can’t make it,” and what I really thought was that they would block it, but he missed it anyway and that was that. Bears win!

I called up my friend and he sounded half-asleep as I gave him the old “never had a doubt” routine and he grumbled and laughed a little. Sweet phone call to make.

We slipped out into the rain and headed home but I was up for hours afterward and now it’s Tuesday and I take off tomorrow on the road for D-Town, the Big D, Denver. Time for some Flaming Lips and the old Pompeii am Gotterdammerung!


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