I was only there on Friday night. I had a great time, and I thought Mission of Burma was pretty good, Sebadoh a little lackluster, and Public Enemy was…somewhat entertaining. I missed the one band that I really wanted to see, alas, as I had too much to do yesterday. Here’s what I missed:

When the Brooklyn-based old-school punk band Les Savy Fav made its first Pitchfork appearance several years ago, the crowd very nearly surged out of control, thanks to the group’s amphetamine overdrive and a wild performance by vocalist Tim Harrington, who spent much of that show half-naked and in the field amid the crowd.

Fans expected the musicians to up the ante on their return visit, and they didn’t disappoint.

While somehow leading the band in performing tunes from its fourth album, “Let’s Stay Friends,” Harrington ran through the masses, rolled in the remaining mud puddles, hopped inside a garbage barrel that he then encouraged his fans to pass through the crowd and finally donned a one-piece flesh-colored body suit with his internal organs drawn on it–no actual nudity this time, thank you very much–while leading the crowd in a chant of, “This is my body/This is what it does/I try to make it better/But I know it’s gonna bust.”

Mind you, all of this was more effective for the fact that Harrington is a portly, bald, bearded and otherwise delightfully mild-mannered fellow who looks more like a mathematics professor than a punk-rock front man.

What a great band. Well, they’ll be back someday.


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