On the Rail


As far as Opening Days go, I’ve been to worse. On the bright side, there was no LaTroy Hawkins to ruin the day; instead there was Wood. But The Fukudome was something else (what nickname will we give the guy? Everything sounds a little too fuck-you-ish!). He’s gonna be a cult hero out in the right field bleachers. Everyone’s gonna be speaking Japanese by mid-summer, or at least holding signs with unintelligible sticks and figures.

The rain wasn’t bad because we were right underneath the upper deck roof, 5 rows from the railing. And I brought gloves but never needed ’em. Like I said, I’ve been to worse. We moved to the front row after the fair-weather fans (literally) left. Stayed ’til the bitter end. That’s how it usually goes at Wrigley.


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