Official Endorsement!

Usually people like to run for president on the line that they are not a “Washington insider,” and whether it’s true or not, it usually resonates. This is why senators are rarely elected President; they build up years of voting history that can be used against them. Bush’s father was probably the only real “insider” to become president since Nixon, and we know how both of those ended up.

I don’t know what W. Bush did to qualify him for the presidency, except sign execution papers in Texas; no one seemed to hold that against him (well, except the majority of Americans who voted against him in 2000). Bill Clinton was a governor and accomplished what, exactly, before he became president? No idea. Completely irrelevant, as far as I’m concerned. Look at Al Gore’s history. This guy is so experienced that he should be running for a third term right now. But he’s not. We all missed out on that–and I mean that sincerely–we’ve suffered a huge mistake to not have had Gore as president.

You can go back throughout history and look at a president’s experience before taking office and it never has any relevance. Ever. War heroes become poor presidents and war heroes become great ones. Governors become great presidents and governors become bad ones. As if one man’s experience can actually control an entire administration! As if the events of the day don’t shape what’s to come!

Which brings me to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Do Clinton’s eight years as First Lady qualify as experience? Of course not. If they do, then Laura Bush is ready for a run in 2012. I believe Barack Obama is the person most qualified to be the next president, and it has nothing to do with experience. It has to do with judgment and intelligence and temperament. His eloquence is a hell of a nice touch, but if what he were saying lacked substance he would be just another Mitt Romney.

The Booze Cabinet endorses Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for President!


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