Obama/Biden in Battle Creek, Michigan

I was in Michigan for the weekend and on Sunday we found out that Obama was coming to Battle Creek, which is about an hour or so from where we were, so a couple of calls were made, connections met, and we landed tickets for the event. By knocking loud and beeping the horn.

Mom, Dad, Wife and I drove out there, to a 6,000 seat baseball field in Battle Creek, and we were lucky to be sitting at all. The sun was pounding, even at 6pm when we got there, and Obama (and Biden) wouldn’t come out until after 8pm.

The speeches were good, Biden kept it short and Obama reproduced some of the stuff from his DNC speech. But it was all casual, walking around with the microphone, no teleprompter. The man can talk. There was a lot of chatter where we sat, in an “Amen Corner” on the first base side. “That’s right!” “Uh huh.” “You said it!” Oh yeah!”

I moved down slightly closer after the speech as they walked around shaking hands. Here’s Obama waving as he leaves.

Red skies in Brown Stadium, Battle Creek, MI.

The reports said that the crowd was around 17 or 18,000, which isn’t too bad a draw for Obama/Biden in purple Michigan (apparently 17K is a record-size crowd for McCain).


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