No Redemption, No Glory

What else could we do? A weekend in Denver and two Cubs games that defined their entire history, plus a whirlwind of biking, music and science.

Beautiful Coors Field, home of the Rockies, where 17 years of history has been piling up (actually 15 at Coors, 2 at Mile High). Included in that history is, of course, a World Series appearance in 2007 (they lost).

And now…more history. Yes, we were there. What a debacle, almost comical. Shattered records and pure incompetence. But Saturday’s game was worse, if you can imagine. When Derrek Lee tied the game up with a dinger in the 8th we thought redemption was at hand but of course it wasn’t as the Rockies won it with a walk-off homer in the 9th, sending half the stadium into a frenzy (the place was filled with Cubs fans). We were in right field for this game and full of hope when that ball sailed right over our heads.

So here we have a microcosm of  Cubdom: one utter shellacking and another heartbreaking soul-crusher. They followed it up with another near-miss Sunday, but we were long gone by then. As a nice bookend to it all, last night the Cubs suffered an 18-1 dismantling at home against the Brewers. Ah, football, save me now.

The rest of the weekend looked like this… The moon guided us to the Ghetto Shack food stand, where the cheeseburgers calmed our boozy stomachs.

Downtown Denver in all its glory.

And what’s a weekend of drinking and revelry without some science? Here we have two cans of Old Style, one Krausened and one not. Naturally, we conducted a taste test and concluded that 3 out of 4 participants prefer their Old Style Krausened. Um, like we didn’t know that.

Here’s old Reverend Deadeye doing his thing. I can’t remember the name of this bar…Paris-something? Anyway, the Rev belted out his sermons with conviction and healed our wounds. It all happened so fast, we were in and out in a blur, thanks again, D-town, for a good time as always.


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