No Country for Old Men

About that book I am just about to finish . . . No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy . . . I started it the other night and read half of it, boom, and only sleepy eyes kept me from going right through it. His latest, The Road, is waiting for me when I’m done. Great writer, this Booze Cabinet highly recommends his work.

I noticed that this book is about to be released as a film, by the Coen Brothers, no less, in the next month or so. It is the third film of late that has been based on a book that I have read, the other two being Into the Wild and The Kite Runner. Great books that have all been reviewed favorably (four stars for the these latter two films from Roger Ebert). I haven’t seen any of them, of course, but they are on the list, right after The Darjeeling Limited, (3 and a half from Ebert). So many great movies!

Anyway, I am excited to see what the Coen Brothers do with this McCarthy novel, they never let me down, unlike the Cubs.


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