Neocon Delusions

My sometime penpal, Michael Ledeen, is the subject of an interesting post over at AmericaBlog, titled “Neocon Delusions.” Interesting to me because I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with him about the influence of Neocons and why they are so reviled by many on the left (short version: they’re always wrong about everything!). In my book, such consistently error-filled advice and ideas should not be rewarded with continued influence amongst the powers that be; Mr. Ledeen disagrees, but then, of course he would–he’s one of them.

The AmericaBlog post is written by A.J. Rossmiller, a former Department of Defense civilian Intelligence Officer who was decorated for his recent civilian service in Iraq. He is an Iraq expert, and an authority on Iran, democratization, nation-building, Middle East politics, intelligence, and national security matters.

I sent it to Ledeen with the words “I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.”


Related confirmation of neocon inaccuracies from both the NY Times and Time:

Two of the talking points regurgitated by Bush Administration–and neoconservative–spokespeople over the past year have been: Muqtada al-Sadr’s strength is waning and the Iraqi Security Forces are getting stronger. As with almost everything that involves U.S. Iraq analysis, those projections have proved to be equal parts wishful thinking and horse manure as today NY Times confirms.

I wish I had sent these links to Ledeen as well. We’ll see if he responds first.


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