More Apple Pie to Bring to Ma

Less than two weeks away…Friday December 12
Milk at Midnight
Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL

Official Album Release Show!
“Less Love More Acid” on Stars/No Stars Records
12 song album featuring “Greatest of the World,” “The Leaning Tower
of Astigmatism,” “Sticks in My Stomach,” and more!
Vinyl available at this show! Also through Stars/No Stars (digital
download or vinyl).

Vibrant locals MILK AT MIDNIGHT proclaim Less Love More Acid, the
title of their third release proper via *Stars/No Stars* which they
celebrate the release of here. Purportedly, “the sound of the
American Dream as seen through a bad trip,” their new record is
meant to be a soundtrack to the end of the Bush era and is an
interesting mix of LED ZEPPELIN inspired guitar riffs and fuzzy
FLAMING LIPS-esque acid rock with a touch of twang. Their live shows
are infamous for being a full on sensory assault with dazzling
projections and lights to accompany the equally explosive melodies.
Treading the territory somewhere between alt-country and indie-pop,
Chicagoans PENTHOUSE SWEETS help celebrate the occasion playing
second. Mysterious locals THE JEFF MANGUM APPRECIATION SOCIETY open.
We don’t know much about them, but anticipate their set will
feature just the slightest psychedelic touch. *(SPECIAL: ‘Pick Your
Poison’ – your choice of any special, five dollars.

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