Monday Night Beagling

The first song we did last night was “Less Love, More Acid,” which we changed slightly since the recording began, and so it took a few takes before I hit it. I mostly play one chord the entire song, with slight variations, so it’s really a matter of concentration and avoiding the “spaceout” factor. I did what I could. Next we did “The Leaning Tower of Astigmatism,” which also is nothing more than a D chord with variations for me, so that was easy as well. I began to joke that we were dumbing down our sound with these simple tracks in order to appeal to the masses, and no one argued with me.

Next up was “Days of Chastity and Continence (not in rioting and drunkenness),” which we did a couple of takes before changing up my guitar part a little. I added a little jangle to it, deviating from Rick’s straightforward bassy-guitar line and filling it out a little more. With help from Adam and Rick, we discussed a new guitar part high up on the neck that I think will end up being really cool as well. This song will be the dance hit of ’08, I’m sure of it. The title will be flowing out of everyone’s mouths as they hit the floor in their white suits and gold chains, sparkly skirts and silver spoons dangling… “Hey, come on! Let’s boogie, it’s Days of Chast-…uh…rioting and…huh?”

Anyway, we moved on to the untitled-song-currently-known-as “TM,” which may be my favorite one yet. I believe this one was a one-take Charlie, including the opening metal-rock intro part, in which I impersonate Jimi Hendrix just after they took him away in the ambulance. It’s a deceptive tease, leading into a fairly mid-tempo song that will (allegedly) contain some foul and unusual thoughts (Rick sings the lead on this song, while I do the back-ups). I also sing the bridge-type part, for which the lyrics read something to the effect of

it’s a race to the starting line / it’s a waste of your precious time

And repeat and out. After that we did a remake of “Wait for No One” from the “A Fit To End All Time” record, just for shits and giggles, and as I have been playing that song for about, oh, say six years or more, I nailed it on one take and we were done.

So, where are we? We have, I think, eight songs in the can, drums, bass and guitar. We are still planning on recording more, but for now we are going to focus on finishing these ones completely, adding more guitars and vocals, along with whatever foreign sounds we can think of. We hope this includes a string section, a gong, hand claps, and a children’s choir. MaM resumes the session next week, as the hectic schedules of summertime continue to take their toll.


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