I hear that Obama was hanging out with the nutjobs this weekend at some megachurch thing. Question: Is a “megachurch” twice as boring as a regular church? Or just twice as full of a shit?

I digress. I understand why Obama wants to talk to these people; if he gets one of them to vote for him that will be one more than anyone could expect, and I’m sure some of them actually will. So good for him. But really, why give these megapastors and their ancient social conservative outlook any credence?

You want to know my problem? They think they know things for certain. Things that no one can possibly ever know. Like when human life begins. Talk about messianic behavior… (It’s not as simple as conception, I can tell you, from experience.)

What they don’t know, or fail to consider, is that if abortion becomes a criminal act like the religious wackjobs want it to be, then who goes to jail? The pastor’s daughter whose school didn’t teach sex ed because that was just encouraging kids to have sex? The minister’s daughter who was taught that birth control is against the lord’s will? We know about the doctor who performed a safe surgical procedure…he’s going away for murder!

This is the world that the evangelical nuts want, and they will once again fall for the delusion that voting for a Republican will somehow bring about this reverse of our culture to 1950’s values. Has it happened yet? Nope. But it doesn’t matter. I hate that they are pandering to this crowd, even McCain, who I thought was above this too. I say fuck ’em, they’ll be Left Behind anyway.


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