Meet Yous in Miami, Urlacher

Like George W. Bush standing in front of a banner that read “Mission Accomplished,” Reggie Bush pointed his finger and somersaulted into the end zone yesterday, acting like he’ll never be back again. Surely these two aren’t related?

There was a girl on Saturday night who sat next to me at the bar and claimed she knew Brian Urlacher, so I asked her what time we were leaving for the airport. I painted the scene for her, it was blue and pink pastels like Miami Vice, there were toes in the sand and waves crashing and a party in South Beach at Urlacher’s hotel, but she seemed confused, or even drunk. I introduced her to Rick sitting next to me and she said “I hate people named Rick! I once dated a jerk named Rick!” and I said “I hate anyone named Rick too, now have you met my friend Nick?”

I figured we were in, with friends like hers we could storm Miami and then sit in box seats for the game, but then someone took her drink away from her and she was escorted out in a hurry. My visions of arm wrestling a drunk Brian Urlacher as we drank margaritas on a balcony looking out over the water would have to wait.

I battled an early hangover Sunday with a couple of Bloody Mary’s and by the second quarter I was feeling normal again, with the help of some Vitamin B and a few High Lives as well (our trusted barkeep referred to them as “Low-Lifes”). Whatever the name, these early battles paved the way for a late fourth quarter surge and with the snow falling down and darkness descending, the Bears stepped into the light for a 39-14 victory and a trip to Miami for the Superbowl.

Hot damn, was that awesome! As one of the few supporters of Rex Grossman all year (let him play!) I was glad to see the doubters proven wrong. Anyone who couldn’t see the drastic change in quarterbacking under Rex has not been paying attention to the past…twenty years or so of Bears history. Calling for Griese mid-way through this season (or whenever Rex had a bad game) was silly, and would have been a huge mistake. I still don’t understand why anyone could seriously think that was a good move. Let Griese mop up in the last minutes of the Superbowl, that’s what I’m saying.

Do you realize that the Bears scored 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37 and 34 points (twice) this season? Eight games over thirty points. And held teams to 14 points or less eight times? Silly stats, but hey, they’re 15-3.

Anyway, the Bears are going to the Superbowl and Reggie Bush is going home. If only we could get Urlacher and Co. to send the other one home too we’d be in good shape.

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