Meet Me in the Bathroom

I told Lindsay not to drive but she insisted. She’d been hanging out at the studio all night and spending way too much time in the bathroom, but we finally had to kick her out. The woman is a boor! Anyway, much was accomplished last night at Prize Beagle, despite the cancellation of our MaM-jo player. Rick started it off with a guitar part on “Leaning Tower” and he made quick work of it. This is sounding very good, this song, I like it a lot.

That was it for him, and so it was my turn to put some overdubs down. Oh yeah, we were playing out of a sweet Vox amp (it looked kind of like this) that has made me wonder whether it isn’t time to look into a new purchase. I took some pix, so I’ll have that up soon for the official record, but it sounded pretty good. I also found an MXR pedal in the basement to use, so we were set.

“Days of Chastity” was first, and so I put down a high jangly part for the chorus, then a feedback part for the break, then a single-note line to follow the bass parts on the choruses, and then a pretty finger-pickin’ part that opens and closes the song. Holy overdubs, Billy Corgan! Adam’s going to give us hell for that when we mix it down. Fortunately, that was the most extensive dubbing that had to be done. Next I did the part that Eric came up with the other night for “Less Love, More Acid,” and it was real easy. I had to suffer the humiliation of having two drummers (Adam and Eric) teach me how to play the guitar part, and wondered how long it would be before they started suggesting Neil Peart-inspired lyrics in the songs. “How about we do a little Ayn Rand tribute in that chorus!”

Finally, I did a crunchy solo-break-type of thing on the elusive “Crushing of the Bouquet” that really helped that song come together, for me at least. Now, if I could just get the right vocal part… That was it for me and we turned to Eric for some ghost drumming on a few songs. Explanation: we realized halfway through recording that one of his cymbals was cracked, and the good ears of Adam could tell the difference in sound (I don’t know that I noticed). So last night he set up a couple of cymbals so that Eric could play along, without the rest of the kit, and add some nice clean crashes and rides. It was funny to watch because he had to pretend he was hitting the snare that wasn’t there and kicking the bass that wasn’t there–basically he was playing an air kit, with just cymbals.

It worked out nice though, and after we got those down the night was finished. The songs are now awaiting some proper vocals (I get real tired of hearing my scratch track), so it looks like we get started in on that next week. Also, we’ll try to get our banjoman to come in and pluck a few strings for a song. It’s another busy week though, as MaM plays a show on Friday night and Adam heads out of town until next Monday. It’s a patient process this time around, and I’m OK with that. We still have another batch of songs that we’d like to lay down after we finish these (newer or still-unfinished songs and a couple of older ones re-recorded), so we’re just going along at a steady pace.

Next up: MaM rocks Quenchers on Friday night!


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