McClellan Redux

If you were so inclined you could look around at the many right-wing sites that have cheered Bush and his war (and everything else) and find this sentiment again and again, regarding Scott McClellan’s book: I’d have more respect for him if he resigned instead of waiting until now to vent his feelings.

Which is, of course, not true at all. He would have been a hero on the left if he had come out and said that he can no longer spew the propaganda and then resigned in disgust; it would have actually meant something. But he didn’t, and so he doesn’t get that credit. He is simply confirming what we all knew.

So let’s fix that: I would have more respect for him if he resigned and then said what he has said; the entire right-wing would have tore him apart and destroyed him if he had done that. Just like they are doing now. Don’t pretend that it would have been any other way.


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