Losing a Woody

I’ll admit it, I’m a little bummed at the news about Kerry Wood leaving the Cubs. I’m a traditionalist that way, in that I like it when players stay with the same team for a long time, if not their entire careers–which is pretty unusual these days. It’s different than when you pick up some guy like Nomar Garciapparra or Alfonso Soriano and they do well for a season and then they’re gone, or they get injured, or they just start sucking. Players like Wood have an arc; there’s history to it. He was a rookie sensation, became a solid starter, then the injuries, and then he came back as a closer. His career should have ended in Chicago with a World Series ring.

But it doesn’t happen that way. So it’s too bad, and I’m sure that he will get his ring like Mark Grace did, with another team, like all the ex-Cubs do. Probably with a team that’s been in the league for ten years and has no history at all whatsoever. So that bums me out, but I’ll be happy for him if he does.


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