Halftime of a bad football day for me, and if I hear about the Bronco’s “shocking win” one more time I’m gonna throw a bottle at the tv. Yes, the Bears are at the halfway point of a miserable game but it was the Denver-New York Jets game that really ruined my day. Let’s just say that I had $$$ in my eyes and another Loser Pool victory in my sights when friggin’ Brett Fav-ra and his 5-game winning streak went up against Denver in New York. But, as the NBC guys keep reminding me, the road teams went 10-1 today (before tonight’s Bears game in Minnesota). So the Jets lost and I’m out and the pool is over (other guy went out on Denver too). Can you see the steam coming out of my head?

Anyway, 17-7 Vikings as I write this but an interception and the Bears have a chance to get back into it. Can we score from the goal line this time? That first half debacle was a true low point, going from 1st and goal to a 99-yard TD the other way, but… Yes! 17-14 and the Bears have life. Oh wait, just before I hit publish on this post the Vikings run back the kickoff half the field. Boo.


Oh, fuck it.


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