Liveblogging the Ninth!

Alright, Cubs have taken a big 6-3 lead into the ninth inning, Ryan Dempster on the mound, hold everything! Yeah, I’m back. Why? I don’t know. It’s a mistake, for sure. Been out getting tires fixed and other stuff…hey, there’s one out! Fly ball to left. Come on, Dempster, you bum! I haven’t forgotten yesterday’s disaster!

White Sox had a lead for most of the game until the 7th. Some late-inning heroics have turned the tables here at Wrigley. Not to mention some errors by the team in black.

Strikeout, we’ve got two outs! Everybody, on their feet! Ah, it’s a good-looking crowd! There’s strike one! Keep it up, Dumpster, you’re not out of the woods yet! Foul ball, two strikes, this is it! Crowd going wild. And the pitch…it’s a ball. There it is, strike three, Cubs win! You gotta like the looks of this team! A solid effort all around. Ah, redemption is sweet! Here are the happy totals: for the Cubs, six runs, eleven hits, no errors. For the enemy, three runs, six hits, four big errors. Better luck next time, Sox fans! How ’bout an Old Style?

So long, everybody!

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