Live Blog Super Tuesday Coverage!

Just kidding. I can’t do that. I don’t even have cable and I’m not gonna internet it all night. Butt…and I do mean Butt…I just checked in with the usual informational sites and it appears that Obama has won Georgia already. He got my vote today here in Illa-noize, and it looks like he’ll win big, as he should in his home state.

Really, I am excited about a lot of snow falling tonight, so I hope they’re right about that one. You know how I love predictions. Oh yeah, that reminds me, another one of those NRO doofuses let loose with a good one today (Stanley Kurtz). Headline: Hillary Surges as Barack Tanks! Let’s listen in:

…a group of Barack Obama’s strongest supporters have shifted heavily toward Hillary Clinton. You won’t learn this from pollsters, since this reversal is so embarrassing many are reluctant to admit it. We’re looking at raw identity politics here…

Wow! I can’t wait to see if this guy is right! Anyone wanna bet?


Obama won 13 states and Clinton won eight, and it appears that Obama has more delegates at this time. Hillary Surges as Barack Tanks? This is your reminder to not listen to stupid predictions, especially from  right-wing wackjobs.


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