Like Trying to Unzip Fog

Boy, do I know what this guy is talking about:

In fact, when the expression of faith becomes codified in a liturgy it becomes leaden, earthbound, and encourages rote recitation. It dies a little. Nothing creeps me out like hearing the thoughtless, unfeeling droning of the Nicene Creed at Mass. Beautiful words, rendered dead. I did it myself without thinking for years, until I began to feel like some kind of body-snatched cultist.

I was never an altar boy and wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I sure had those recitations going through my head during the church years, even if I stopped saying them very early on.

Sullivan’s back and forth with atheist Sam Harris is interesting, for those of you that enjoy that kind of thing. They’re not gonna get anywhere but I still like to read the exchanges.


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