Letters From Andrew

Of course, there is another way to look at Charlie Rangel’s idea. I present to you now, another episode of…Letters From Andrew (merely a snippet from the latest email):


Let’s talk about the other Chucker. Charles Rangel. I like what he’s doing. It’s all sarcastic. It’s got to be. He has a good point. If this country wants to dominate the world we need a draft. No exceptions for sons or daughters of congressmen etc. Yep, we gonna take Korea (North and South(why not South?)), Iran and anybody else who has oil. Oh, I’m sorry. Resources. It’s not just oil, it could be platinum, coal, gold, diamonds, fresh water, copper, or the “likes”. Basically anything people want enough to pay for. At this point I’m ready to move to Mexico and be the friendly shopkeeper who fixes sewing machines, bicycles, eyeglasses, and other assorted necessities. Of course I’d have to help Miguel on the Gnome desktop. Reluctantly. I’m a FreeBSD guy. If I have to get involved in a desktop it’s got to be KDE. Gots to do some kind of computer thing when you’re in Mexico. Or do you? When surrounded by women that look like that, you might just forget all about computers. Let me put this in terms of long brown hair, long, long, straight brown hair, long, long brown braided hair. Gorgeous eyes. What’s a computer? I’m melting south of the border. Don’t send for help, I like it this way.

At this point I have to admit that I have a “paragraph problem”. If I had an English teacher watching over my shoulder, I’d be in trouble. Trouble for the “flow and design”. As far as I’m concerned, that’s an engineering problem, and of no concern to (or is it with) the English teacher over my “said shoulder”.

What if English majors hijacked Fermilab? What would it be like? Would they be more concerned with not ending sentences with prepositions? These things should be considered.

At this point in time I highly recommend you not eating those mayonnaise sandwiches that were left over from you 4th of July picnic. I know you froze them after labor day, but they had probably already gone by then. Besides, who the hell eats mayonnaise sandwiches but you and anybody wanting to be polite to you.

Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got some dioxin’s ass to kick,



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