Let Me Be Frank

A quick thought about Barney Frank retiring: the descriptions of him all seem to settle on the idea that he was a bully of some sort, a gruff, brow-beating jerk who frightened everyone around him. I don’t doubt it. I certainly wouldn’t argue against it. It’s probably what made him so effective in his job. But, as much as I enjoyed his public displays of sarcastic disdain toward right-wingers and fools in general, if you asked me whether he would make for a good president my answer would be absolutely not. Furthermore, would he be remotely electable, even by half the country?

No way. Not a chance. His is not the temperament that achieves the office of the presidency. Forget that he’s gay, or Jewish, or whatever. That personality alone disqualifies him. You know it and I know it, we’re not blinded by ideological hopes and dreams. Come on!

So. It’s quite obvious, isn’t it? He is the Newt Gingrich of the left.


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