Land of Film School Talk

It’s funny, I’m listening to Slash on Howard Stern this morning and I just saw him last night–oh wait, that was our friend Dave in his usual Slash costume that he wears every year! Last night it was Film School and Land of Talk at Schuba’s, and through sheer luck I happened upon a bulletin on myspace from another friend who had two free passes on the Beggar’s Banquet guestlist. So with that $12 x two out of the way, we headed out and walked around Roscoe Village looking for somewhere to eat. We found some place whose name I can’t recall and ate appetizers while watching the end of the Bulls opener, which they lost in OT.

Another friend (so many!) turned me on to Film School a while back and I really dug the debut album, it’s a shoegazer-MBV-type of sound, with a bit of Cure-ishness thrown in. They have a new album out, and with precision timing Pitchfork gave it a pretty average 6.2 on Tuesday, just as they were coming to town for two shows (last night and tonight). I don’t know if people react to that shit or what, but the crowd was pretty small for last night’s show, maybe because of Halloween?

Anyway, opener Land of Talk was cool, from Montreal, and friends of yet more friends of ours, the mighty Sybris (check out the song “All My Friends” on their page, it was a highlight last night). Film School came out and played, and they sure did not look like how I thought they would. First of all, there’s a girl in the band, something I was not aware of, and she’s pretty hot. Secondly, the singer looks like he just got back from hunting in Wisconsin; in other words, not hot at all.

The MBV influence was a little much, especially with the girl singing too, and while I certainly like the recorded music, their stage presence–or, specifically, the singer’s stage presence–was pretty lame. I took some pix to put up later, but even in their caped costumes there wasn’t much to look at. Except for the hot girl, who was, by the way, a pretty good bass player and singer too. Maybe the small crowd influenced their general lack of enthusiasm, but man, two nights at Schuba’s and this is what you got? I know a band that could crush you all!


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