Kingdom of Fear

It’s very strange. Political movements mischaracterize the other side’s general goals all the time. But I’ve never heard of anything like the current conservative mania for blocking a particular legislative provision that nobody is trying to enact.

Matthew Iglesias

Over the past eight years I have gotten used to the Other Side saying things that weren’t true when they actually were true, or vice versa, but now that they’re out of power it seems even more desperate. Or silly. It’s that fear thing: they always gotta be scared of something, and the ones who stoke the flames know this, so they give them something to fear. Except that, well, it’s just not anywhere near reality. Surprise, eh?

The Fairness Doctrine is not an issue. While I don’t have the pleasure of knowing anyone, at least very close, that is conservative-minded (really, I don’t) or that sends me crazy e-mails about the coming Obama Socialist Revolution, I know that there are people out there who do. I believe that this bit of information should help ease their fears:

The facts are these: Obama’s against its reimplementation, Democratic lawmakers are mystified over the concern, and given the chance as recently as last year to put the Doctrine back in place, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives shot the idea down, with Democratic members voting against it in large numbers.

So send your right-wingin’ relatives this bit of info and see if we can’t calm them down. Tell ’em Doom says hello!


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