Kicking It Old School LP, Yeah!

What day is it? A little out of whack after a long weekend of rock and roll madness and good times. The Cure show was great and I think we really nailed it. My hair is black now. A little Aqua Net goes a long way. That’s gotta open up a few ozone layers, what I did to my hair on Sunday. Apologies to Al Gore and future generations, but rock and roll demands excess. We’re good at that.

Next up, another show, this time at Quencher’s on Saturday. We have to remember how to play our own songs again, and that might be tough. After that we can focus on finishing up the album and getting it out there. I think it’s sounding pretty damn good. We’re gonna have a hard time leaving any of these songs off, it may end up being a long player! I’m shooting for a double album with the gatefold jacket and four sides, with psychedelic imagery and hidden messages! Time to bring back the LP in this modern age. Of course, it’ll be on the computer too, for the New Schoolers.


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